IMG_6505One week before Bruce and Kara’s wedding Kara got a call from a friend who lived in Arizona. She had not spoken to her friend in many years and her friend had no clue Kara was getting married. She told Kara that she had had a dream about her and decided to call since a few of her dreams had actually come true. Her dream was of Kara standing at the back of a church holding a two year old little girl that had blue jeans, a purple shirt and pigtails. The pastor asked what people were thankful for and Kara said she was thankful for her daughter.

Before Bruce and Kara started dating Bruce had a vision of Kara holding their little girl who had blond curly hair.

Esperanza (Hope) Ann (Priceless) Sanders was born March 23, 2011. Both the dream and the vision is what Bruce and Kara held onto after they lost their first daughter (click here) 5 1/2 months before Kara got pregnant with Esperanza.

Esperanza is such a joy to have in our lives. She is such a sensitive spirit with a girly girl flare but is able to hold her own with all the boys that surround her (her brother and cousins).

Esperanza’s Journey With a Brain Tumor

Esperanza’s Journey with Arthritis

Esperanza Receives Christ

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