Chara Amaris and Elisha Jesaiah

Our first (Chara Amaris) and our fourth (Elisha Jesaiah) child we never got to raise. Instead both were declared dead in the womb before they were ever delivered. The pain of loosing them both has been great yet we constantly keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and are continuing to allow the Lord to utilize the pain for His glory.

Chara UltrasoundChara (Joy) Amaris (Promised by God)

Born January 28, 2010. We had gone in for her 20 week check up the second week of January in 2010 to find that she had hydrops. A couple of weeks later her heartbeat FullSizeRenderstopped and Kara had to get induced and deliver her 23 week old little girl. It was gut wrenching to see this little girl that had acquired so much fluid, Due to the massive amount of fluid she had acquired the only part of her that looked completely normal was little feet.

Time has brought much healing yet with the recent death of her younger brother Elisha much of the pain has resurfaced.

Elisha (God is salvation) Jesaiah (Salvation of the Lord)

Born on October 27, 2014. Read his blog here.

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