Visions Fullfilled

the-resting-place-009Over 11 years ago God clearly spoke that I was to lead a discipleship home. One year after He spoke this He opened the door for me to actually lead a home (click here). That year transformed my life and set me on a course with a passion to see young women facing adversity set free.

Then within the first two years of Bruce and I getting married we worked with the South Sound Dream Center to host a fundraiser. This fundraiser was set up for us to open a discipleship home. We looked at multiple properties where Bruce and I, as a couple, would physically live in the home with the girls. At that time nothing opened. Every door we tried, God would close.

Now 11 years later I have an opportunity to be a part of seeing another home for at-risk girls open up. This time however the home has been in the making for years by Perth’s base leader, Shirley Brownhill and The Resting Place’s leader, Kristen Truby.

Kristen and I, both have had similar burdens for starting a home. Over the last year and a half of my time in Perth we have spoken multiple times. Then a couple months ago she asked me to spend some time training her staff. As I prepared for the training my heart was once again burdened to be a part of opening another home.

the-resting-place-004Weeks past after the training and God clearly spoke that I was to join this team called The Resting Place. (One person, who is on our prayer team, multiple months back was praying for us and even got the word “Rest”). The Resting Place ministry’s vision is to provide a safe and supportive home for at-risk young women.

After many years of prep work, The Resting Place’s vision is unfolding. The home has been found, furniture is being put in place, the policies are finalized, and the beginning of a home for at-risk young girls 14-17 years old is taking shape. The goal for the first home of many with The Resting Place will open September of 2017.

Please join with us in prayer as all the final touches come together. We believe God has incredible plans for the young women in this home and your prayers will help these plans come into fruition.

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