Base Life as a Kid

Walking to the YWAM base on Monday I had to remind my kids that most people don’t have a YWAM base they go to every day. Not sure it completely sunk in since being a part of the YWAM community for the last two and a half years has become their norm. Esperanza was only four and Gryphin was two. The world they TRULY remember has been our experiences in YWAM. 

What do these daily experiences look like? Every Monday we have worship on the base with a few hundred other YWAMers. Here they get to experience powerful worship as they quietly play with other children on base. After lunch, where the same few hundred people dine together, the kids join us for our Ministry Development School (this class allows us to have a two year VISA and gives us more missionary training).

A video from a fun in class impromptu drama. 

If the kids are not in school they join us for intersession every Tuesday and Thursday morning. If they are in school they both are blessed to have class on the base. Gryphin enjoys spending his time at the base pre-school with 10-12 other YWAM children. Esperanza and I are a part of a co-op where multiple parents on base work together to share teaching responsibilities. 

While the kids are in school I am able to work on projects for the ministry I am a part of.  (Bruce works full-time with Create International). The kids are included in my team times that are after their school hours. If I have meetings while they are not in school they happily play with other YWAM kids either at the base or at our home. The YWAM kids see each other so much they are becoming like cousins. 

Every Friday the kids excitedly join us for street evangelism in the afternoon where they’ve regularly gotten their face painted and have prayed for a variety of people. 

Then after a quick dinner they put their PJs on and with much anticipation we head back to the base for Friday night meeting. Here we get to experience incredible worship and teaching from a variety of missionaries. Even though the kids fall fast asleep while the missionaries talk they are always so excited to go. 

Their friends normally go on outreaches with their parents all over the world. And it’s common for children to talk about what Jesus is doing, how people are getting saved or seeing miracles. 

Yes, we all miss home, yet the life our children are living has been incredible. They are constantly surrounded by people who are on fire for God. They are protected from the world yet at the same time so involved in seeing the pain and suffering of the world. 

We are so blessed to have our kids as a part of this community. Thank you to all who have allowed us to serve the Lord and expose our children to this lifestyle. 

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  1 comment for “Base Life as a Kid

  1. July 29, 2017 at 8:05 am

    I grew up in ywam. I’m so thankful!


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