The Results….

“Honey we need to talk.” Bruce gently picked Esperanza off the bed and took her into the living room. It was 7:30pm and she had already been in bed, but not asleep yet, for 30 minutes. To my surprise she hadn’t asked what we were doing the next day which meant we hadn’t told her that she was having a MRI. Bruce sweetly explained what needed to happen and she began to bawl. 

Even though our sweet girl was over having MRIs, the next day she was a champ. The process was quick and smooth. And our MRI ritual of Mexican and ice cream afterwards was instantly asked for, even though it was 10am. 

The week flew by and peace was in our hearts as we waited patiently to hear the results. Today we were ushered back to the doctor’s office. Our peace was confirmed as they explained that the spot they saw three months ago was just a blood vessel. This means we don’t need to go in for another MRI until March of 2018! God is so good! 

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