Comparing is Pride

Pride can come in so many different forms yet seldom will someone think that comparing themselves to others is a form of pride. Oh but it is!

STOP for a moment. Think!

When we compare ourselves with others what are we doing? Are we glorifying God? Are we edifying the other person? No, we are thinking about ourselves. We then either beat ourselves up or we pat ourselves on our backs. Either direction we are thinking of “ourselves“.

God says that “In his pride the wicked man does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God” (Psalm 10:4). Therefore, as we are comparing ourselves with others we are leaving God no room to speak. Instead, our internal voice or the sly voice of Satan is speaking.

This internal voice will get hungrier and hungrier if we continue to feed it. So much so that before we know it everywhere we look there is someone to compare ourselves with or worse to compare others we are close to with.

No longer are we content with the things that once brought us joy. Now we have an animal inside our minds that is crying out for more. When we get more, it continues to cry out because we desire what others have and that can never be quenched.


If I am looking at others and desiring their God given gifts what am I saying about the Creator of the Universe? The Creator of me? As I long for other people’s talents or gifts I am telling God that He didn’t know what He was doing when He made me. I am telling Him that I know better then He does. I am walking in PRIDE.

Instead of comparing ourselves with others God longs for us to be content. He longs for us to find peace with who He created us to be and embrace our own giftings.

Growing up the youngest of five I struggled with constantly comparing myself to my siblings. Then it was with my schoolmates. As I jumped into my first marriage (click here for details), I found myself looking at other people’s marriages and putting unrealistic expectations on my own.

This comparing caused much heartache over the years yet when my husband (now ex-husband) left me God began to do some heart surgery. He intimately opened my eyes to the fact that He knit me together in my mother’s womb and every little quirk about me was designed on purpose.

So even though my husband at the time was treating me in such a way that my self worth should of been destroyed I found myself instead becoming at peace with who God had designed me to be. The God of the Universe saw me as perfect because He created me and continues to work within me.

Today as I walk out my day to day Christian life I find that the ugliness of pride and comparing can so easily creep back. This can take place when I haven’t taken the time to quietly sit at His feet. For I am created in His image. Therefore, the longer I soak in His presence I will ooze out His demeanor and become who He designed me to be.

As you walk out your life with our incredible Creator are you comparing yourself with others or are you trusting the One who created you? We won’t ever be like anyone else and God did that on purpose. We are designed in a specific way for specific purposes. Today, as we are walking side by side with others that God created, let’s choose to be thankful for the differences. Thankful for the giftings in each other and thankful for who He created us to be.


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