Planted to Bear Fruit

The excitement of reading her new Mom and daughter devotional exuded out of her. Finally I was done having my own personal quiet time and Esperanza hurriedly grab our new devotional. As she settled on my lap we began to read. 

A few minutes later and we closed our eyes to ask God to speak to us. The Lord spoke a few very simple words to me and then silence. “You are planted in a good place to bear fruit.” 

Looking up I saw she was done as well. She proceeded to say God didn’t speak to her because she only got a picture. 

The night before during our family prayer time she had asked the Lord to help her hear His voice. Even though after multiple discussions over the years she still was expecting God to speak audibly. 

With delight I asked her to describe the picture she got. She said she saw a tree with fruit on it. My heart soared as I described to her the words the Lord had given me. The Lord had heard her heartfelt cry to hear His voice and in her innocence she confirmed we are planted in a good place.

As you get ready for 2017 are you in a place firmly planted to bear fruit? This season may look differently then you expected but let the Lord plant you. Don’t try to find your own soil to be planted in. Instead seek the Lord and ask Him to make it clear where you are to be planted so everything He has in store for you will come into fruition. 

Praying for a rich blessing over each of you as you enter into 2017. Happy New Year!


  • Baby is healthy
  • Great 2016 (watch video
  • My Mom arrived last week


  • Baby is past her due date. Want her to come naturally and soon. 
  • Continued healing over Esperanza’s tumor and Bruce’s ankle & back. 
  • Still need 18 monthly donors at $50 a month to cover monthly needs (click here).

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