12 Hours No Food

Food…. oh how thankful we are for food. Twelve hours without it can really give you a new appreciation!

Our sweet girl was a champion as the time ticked away and we waited to be seen. Finally the moment we’d been waiting for “Esperanza Sanders?”

Drugs in system, show on, lights turned dim and off to lala land. Yet Esperanza will swear she never slept (oh the beautiful wonders of drugs). Two hours later and she was back.

Though her speach was slurred the mention of Mexican food and ice cream lit her drunken face up. Food….. oh the power of food.

Thank you all for your prayers! We felt them. Hopefully when we get the results next week we will be celebrating and thanking you for being a part of God’s miracle working power.

In the mean time we wait and move into another YWAM home (our lease was not renewed so we had to move). And we finish up the multiple media projects we are working on with the School of Communication. The awareness campaign for ways to stop child sex tourism in Bali starts this Friday evening.

Thank you all for praying. God is truly on the move!

Praise Report

  • MRI process went better then expected even though it was much longer then expected.
  • Baby is still healthy and strong (only 4 weeks 5 days left).
  • Blessed by a loving community.

Prayer Requests 

  • Incredible MRI results.
  • Healing over Bruce’s ankle. It is taking way longer to heal then we were expecting.
  • Our Multiple doctor bills have been much higher then expected. If you’d like to partner with us so we don’t end up in debt that would be amazing (click here).

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