YWAM In Kara’s Past and Future

Right after I posted my previous blog (click here) I got a message from one of the individuals that I had done my internship with. He asked me if the photo I had posted was from Niko (YWAMs 5 day wilderness leadership training) and I was hit with the realization that YWAM has been a part of my story from day one. Yes the photo was from our Niko experience (if I remember correctly it was close to our first week of our internship).
The man who led me to the Lord, Billy Sarno, had done a Discipleship Training School (DTS) right before I met him and his finance, Laura, (now wife) who went to Guatemala for a DTS. Billy felt that doing the Nikko would help create a strong bond between the team. Hmmm is it no wonder the Lord has continued to place YWAM on my heart?

world visionTo continue on with my story …. While attending college and helping in the High School Youth Group at Northwest Church I also started working at World Vision. I was in their call center, I also volunteered in their Gifts in Kind (GIK) department a few hours each week.

While in the GIK department I was exposed, for the first time, to the concept of working with women abroad who lived in poverty stricken environments. The department I was volunteering for gave these women small loans that were interest free. The program also taught them how to have their own business. The goal was to give them another option rather than what so many around them had to choose (prostitution or destitution). I was hooked! I didn’t know how or when but that was what I wanted for my future.

The passion was planted and over the years I have had multiple opportunities to work within Pierce and King County to assist multiple families, women and children who have needed extra encouragement or training. However, as the years have gone by the more I have been reminded of this early passion to specifically work with women abroad to give them opportunities that so many here take for granted. It’s exciting to be approaching this adventure with my family. And I am thankful for so many that have been a part of making this journey come to fruition.

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    Blessings, Pat Fuller [Still praying]

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