What Direction Now?

internshipAfter my mission trip to Fiji (click here) something got planted in my heart that I couldn’t shake! I was destined to follow the Lord and His call on my life. I applied to college but couldn’t shake the feeling that was not the direction God had in mind at that time.

Towards the end of my senior year Pastor Billy and His wife (the High School Youth Pastors at Northwest Foursquare Church) asked if I would join them as an intern serving high school students and taking Bible classes. Instantly I knew this was what God was directing me too.

internship-2The September after graduating from high school I moved in with Janel and Monique to start on a journey of learning more of what it meant to serve our sweet Lord. It was a year of a lot of internal struggle for me as I had never lived on my own and I constantly felt like I didn’t know what my next step should be. I so badly wanted to serve the Lord but had a hard time always hearing His voice. I also struggled with a lot of legalism (more focused on the can and can not’s) instead of grasping that Jesus loved me and desired to have an intimate relationship with me.

internship-5Towards the middle of my internship I felt like it was time to start at a community college part-time while still being a part of the internship. At first I didn’t know what I was going to school for but I started taking all my general classes.internship-4

As the year of our internship came to an end we had one more great adventure to go on. The interns, Pastor Billy, and our nurse Debbie went to Venezuela. In Venezuela we shared the Gospel through songs, dramas and preaching. Once again I saw many with so much joy and yet in our American prospect we would say they lacked so much because of their living conditions. It was a great trip that I truly enjoyed but the Lord did not tug my heart at that moment to get involved in full-time missions. The Lord still had to break my tendency of being legalistic first.internship-1

After Venezuela when I got back it was clear to me that I was to continue to serve as a youth leader under Pastor Billy while I worked and went to college. I had finally decided to get my bachelors in Business Administration and to transfer to the University of Washington after getting my AA at Highline Community College.

My first year out of high school was over yet I had so much more to learn and so many areas to grow in. It’s amazing when you look back how much you realize you didn’t know. After you first leave high school you feel like you know so much yet the older you get the less and less you feel like you know. LOL funny how that works.

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  11 comments for “What Direction Now?

  1. patricia fuller
    November 9, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    And on it goes forward. Watching where god is moving, through happy and sad, always learning God’s lessons in the grief times to instill into the lives of others, because He trusts us . HARD

    Loving you, Pat Fuller

    Sent from Samsung tablet


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