The Struggle

struggleToday marks two weeks since I found out my 31 week old unborn son was dead. Today I also watched this video that was posted on Facebook (Click here for Video). The results were amazing, I had so hopped for the same results. Yet I didn’t get them. At first I was angry and emotional after watching the video.

Why is one child healed while in the womb and I had to loose two (Click Here for their stories)? The reality is I won’t understand it fully until I enter into the presence of my Heavenly Father. I debated sharing this post because of the anger and frustration I am currently feeling but I felt the Lord speak to my heart that in the midst of intense brokenness is when He brings healing.

The calling God has put on Bruce and my life isn’t to minister to those that are well but to those that are broken. He has asked us to bring His healing to those that have lost so much more than either of us have ever experienced or can even comprehend.

Suffering is universal, it’s something everyone experiences to one degree or another. Yet not everyone has a living God within them to help them process all the pain. Many bare knuckle it and it breaks God’s heart because He wants to bring His true inner healing. He wants to be “More than Enough”.  So even though the pain is deep and the anger is real, I choose to let the Lord bring His peace so one day I will have this testimony to share with those that have lost so much more.

  1 comment for “The Struggle

  1. patricia fuller
    November 6, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Thankyou for sharing your journey. It is good to know you processing throught the grief journey that is individual to you. These hard places are sooooooo hard and hurt so bad.

    Loving you, Pat Fuller

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